April’s Pick-a-Book Game & Giveaway



Time for another giveaway! April 1 – 15, you can enter to win any book from the list I’ve reviewed in 2014. For fun, I’ve decided to include a game for those who want a chance to win an extra book:

1. Leave a comment on this post. Make sure you leave your email address!
(If you leave it like this–name(at)whatever(dot)com–your comment will not need approval.)

2. One random commenter will win any book of his or her choice. Drawing is noon April 15.

3. If you want a chance to win an extra surprise book, here’s the game!

Five strangers–a youth pastor, a banker, a cheerleader, a Target store manager, and an English teacher–are stranded for three hours in a broken elevator. When the elevator starts back up, two are in love and two can’t stand each other. Which two are in love, which two can’t stand each other, and why?

The person with my favorite response will win a surprise book. Give it a try, even if you think your scenario is silly. You never know what might strike my fancy. (Just ask those who’ve played Apples to Apples with me!)

 A few sentences is sufficient–unless a full-blown plot pops into your head and you’re willing to share. :)

US mailing addresses only, please. Winner(s) will have 3 days to respond to my email to claim prize.
Winner of game and winner of random drawing may be the same person.

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UPDATE: Congrats to Michelle for winning the drawing and to Hannah Peasha for winning the game!
More giveaways to come…


  1. Elizabeth Dent says:

    Hey thanks for the giveaway. I have not played Apples To Apples before . I would love to win It Had To Be you . I would say A cheerleader and a Banker are in love .. Two that hate each other are Target Store Manager and the English teacher . Oh me this is all guess work . Lol.

  2. Courtney Clark says:

    What a fun giveaway, Jennifer!
    My email is cclark207(at)gmail(dot)com

    My take on the elevator situation:

    The youth leader and English teacher can’t stand each other…because the youth leader has bad grammar (I mean, he hangs around youth all the time).

    The cheerleader and Target manager fall in love. The cheerleader realizes that he used to be her next door neighbor, she just hasn’t seen him since they grew up. Plus, he gets a discount on all of Target’s cute clothes!

  3. Chelsea Hunter says:

    This sounds like fun! My email is cnhnovels(at)rocketmail(dot)com.

    I would say that the youth pastor and the english teacher (who happens to be a teacher in High School) fall in love because of their love for reading, especially when it pertains to reading the Bible, and their love for working with youth. The two that can’t stand each other are the banker and the target manager.
    Chelsea Hunter recently posted…Stepping Off A Cliff Blog Tour: Excerpt and GiveawayMy Profile

  4. Hannah Peasha says:

    Ten minutes after the elevator breaks the youth pastor decides that he can’t stand the silence and tries to start a conversation with the cheerleader who he feels the most comfortable with because he makes a living (if you can call it that ;) ) working with highschoolers. The youth pastor happens to be one of those people who talks with their hands, so during a very exciting part of the story he was telling he flings his arms out wide and smacks the banker on the nose causing it to bleed. Rushing to help the banker the youth pastor accidentally steps on his foot. After apologizing several times, the banker still wont forgive him. They both spend the rest of the wait in separate corners ignoring each other. The English teacher and the Target store manager are oblivious to the chaos around them because they have just discovered that they have a mutual love for all things Elvis. They spend the rest of their time trapped in the elevator gazing into each others eyes. Before heading their separate ways they promise to meet each other at a nearby Elvis convention.

    So in short the banker and the youth pastor can’t stand each other and the English teacher and Target manager are in love.

    … I may have spent more time then you wanted on this answer…. :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Linda Ortiz says:

    I have to get Apples to Apples….My kids and I have not ever played that game. Time to go to Target and buy it. Thanks! I think the Youth Pastor and Cheerleader get together. Strange, right!!! LOL Would love to be a part of the giveaway! :)

  6. Maxie Anderson says:

    Hello Jennifer. I think I’ve heard of Apples to Apples but have no idea how to play it.. This is a fun but hard thing you are asking for, but I will give it a try. The youth Pastor likes the young teacher and thinks she might be just the one to help him control some of the unruly kids in the group since she’s use to a room full of kids all day. The cheerleader like the Banker. He is young and handsome and she thinks they could have a great future with him working as a Banker. But she can’t stand the Target manager because he won’t exchange something for her just because she doesn’t have her receipt and has waited much longer than the 30 day period…But, he doesn’t like her either because he think she has a smart mouth and this has happened many times with her. By the way, the young banker likes the Cheerleader because she’s a beautiful, fisty girl and he loves to watch her in the cheerleaders at his favorite football team. Thanks for the give-away. it is a good one. Hope I can win. Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com

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